Litigation Services

At Phillips & Mille, our attorneys represent individuals and corporate clients who conduct business in a wide range of areas and are embroiled in a variety of commercial, contractual, and personal disputes. Our business and civil litigation lawyers are experienced advocates who will vigorously protect your rights and interests.

When you are involved in a business or commercial dispute that is headed for litigation, there is no better weapon in your arsenal than our litigation team. An adverse judgment in a civil case can have a devastating impact on your business, both on your reputation and your bottom line. You should not risk proceeding to trial without experienced and skilled civil litigation lawyers advocating your interests. If you, or your business are engaged in a dispute, you need experienced and skilled representation. Whether you are initiating a lawsuit, or defending yourself against one, our civil litigation lawyers will advocate for you every step of the way, hopefully helping you avoid costly litigation.

Business Litigation

If your business has been sued, you need a law firm with experience.  We know you have spent years building your company and we intend to help you keep it by strongly advocating for your rights.

Business Litigation

Individual Litigation

No one wants to initiate a lawsuit, but sometimes it needs to happen.  If you are injured by no fault of your own, or find yourself facing criminal charges, you need a law firm that will aggressively represent your interests.

Individual Litigation

Personal/Bodily Injury

The personal/bodily injury practice area covers any situation where a person suffers bodily injury or death as a result of another person or corporation’s negligence. We represent victims of other’s negligence and settle/litigate their claims.

Personal Injury

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