Personal/Bodily Injury

Helping You Through Legal Processes and Personal Stress

The personal/bodily injury practice area covers any situation where a person suffers bodily injury or death as a result of another person or corporation’s negligence. Phillips & Mille represents people who are victims of other’s negligence and settles or litigates their claims.

Phillips & Mille provides professional, experienced representation for victims with an emphasis on communications with our clients.  The status and complexities of a claim are always explained to clients as their claim proceeds through the settlement and litigation process.  Resolving a negligence claim against another becomes very complicated with the myriad of insurance issues and legal requirements to forensically prove liability and damages. Our attorneys have years of experience in handling personal injury cases.  The insurance companies know the successful reputation of Phillips & Mille and this fact increases the probability that a client’s claim can be settled without the need for a jury trial, even though from the very beginning, a jury trial is prepared for in every case.  

Whether an injury is sustained from an automobile crash, trip or fall on commercial property, or medical negligence, no one believes that they will suddenly become a victim of someone else’s negligence. It seems inherently unfair that while in pain and/or grief, a person is expected to investigate the causes of their injury and find out who is legally responsible for their damages. Because it is necessary, the law firm of Phillips & Mille immediately begins to investigate the facts and research the law that will support our client’s claim. No matter how serious the injury, the devastation and personal impact on one’s life is only a part of the series of problems. Liability, insurance, medical bills, lost wages, disability, Medicare, Medicaid, medical payments and insurance are just a few of the considerations that need to be addressed in handling a serious injury claim.

Personal Injury

Examples of personal injury scenarios Phillips & Mille clients have encountered:

  • Serious/Catastrophic Injuries. Phillips & Mille is skilled and experienced in resolving the multitude of conflicts of the competing providers who fight for the limited dollars available from a wrongdoers insurance company.
  • Automobile Crashes.    Nothing happens by accident.  The negligence of others many times combines and results in bodily injuries.  Our staff is skilled in promptly obtaining the necessary documentation to prove a claim to the insurance companies representing the negligent person. Preparing and prosecuting a personal injury claim is usually more complicated than most people think.  We take the aggravation and worry out of making these claims.
  • Death Cases.  The death of a loved one unnecessarily caused by the negligence of another is too terrible to imagine.  During these unthinkable times, we professionally, compassionately and rapidly move forward to determine and fix responsibility of the person or company responsible for this loss.  We obtain nationally known experts to investigate the details of death cases.  The initial investigation will determine liability and responsibility
  • Medical Negligence. It is reported and annually there are over 100,000 deaths per year attributed to medical negligence.  It does happen.  Where catastrophic injury or death is suspected to be the result of medical negligence, Phillips & Mille obtain the victim’s medical records and autopsy reports and begin medical research to determine whether there is a provable case of medical malpractice available in our client’s case.
  • Aviation related cases, Premises Liability, Nursing home, and Product Liability cases. For a number of reasons, your body can be injured and permanently damaged because of the negligence of another.  People who make mistakes unfortunately are not usually willing to admit fault.  We have handled a number of cases over the past decades that upon investigation, reveals where and how the negligence of others has resulted in a valid negligence claim against a wrongdoer. It never hurts to ask for a legal review of the circumstances that have resulted in an injury.
  • Workers Compensation Cases.  If an employee is injured while on the job, no matter who was at fault, the employee is entitled to file a workers compensation claim which will compensate them for medical expenses and disability.

Clients have reported that they appreciate the personal relationship they develop with the attorneys and staff at Phillips & Mille. The professionalism and thoroughness helps the client stay calm and hopeful throughout the ordeal of attempting to settle a claim. It is a battle to argue for a fair settlement and our clients are kept abreast of the progress being made in their case. The results we obtain in personal injury cases generally exceed our client’s expectations. The forces against the client recovering a fair settlement are many and complex. Clients realize that they could not have settled their claims on their own. Many clients have come to the firm after unsuccessfully trying to settle their own claims, turning to our law firm to take control of the situation and confidently present and argue for a fair settlement on behalf of their clients.

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