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Assisted living facilities are not without risk

Many families select an assisted living facility and a nursing home as they form a crisis plan for their loved one. When choosing between multiple options for your aging parent’s future care, it is important to consider the risks and benefits.

There are many accounts of abuse and neglect in Ohio nursing homes, so assisted living facilities may initially seem like a safer option. However, the truth is that both nursing homes and assisted living facilities pose unique risks to elders. That is why both decisions call for careful preparation.

Common risks within assisted living facilities

A few problems that may be present in both assisted living facilities and nursing homes include:

  • Property hazards: Wet floors, uneven ground and poor security could all lead to a dangerous falling accident or other injury.
  • Abuse: As in a nursing home, residents may be subject to physical, verbal, sexual or financial abuse from staff or other residents.
  • Financial exploitation: In addition to financial abuse from individuals, facilities themselves may overcharge residents for basic services.
  • Medication errors: Staff often help residents stay on track with their medicine, but they may make mistakes regarding timing, dosage or type of medication.

To counter these risks, you can search for facilities that are clean, well-staffed and highly rated. You can also work with your parent to create financial and legal safeguards so that other people will be less likely to take advantage of their resources.

Planning for long-term care is essential

Having a conversation with your parent today about their preferences for long-term care can be valuable. In addition, you can talk to your parent about how to report abuse and neglect if it happens to them.

It is critical to have these conversations before your parent needs extensive care. If their health or ability to care for themselves rapidly declines, knowing the next steps for their safety can give you and your parent peace of mind.