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The dangers of drowsy driving and microsleeps

Driving is such a common and essential part of an Ohio resident’s daily routine that one might not even think twice about getting behind the wheel.

However, many motorists across the state could be driving after pulling an all-nighter, taking medication which may cause drowsiness or not getting quality sleep without realizing that doing so puts them and other drivers at high risk of a crash.

Drowsy driving is incredibly dangerous

Sleep deprivation can cause serious – and risky – symptoms, such as:

  • Microsleep: A sleep-deprived driver may fall asleep for periods of around four to five seconds without realizing it. This can occur at any time.
  • Reduced mental capacity: Sleep deprivation can severely affect a driver’s mental ability. Someone trying to stay awake may suffer from slower reflexes, increased irritability, difficulty focusing and poor decision-making skills.

Drivers suffering from these symptoms may lose control of a vehicle while they are driving, miss road signs or fail to react to other risks on the road. That is why experts believe that drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. In turn, it can cause the same risk of an accident.

Be aware of the risk, stay safe

Many people get behind the wheel feeling fatigued every day. It is important for drivers to learn about the risks of drowsy driving, so they can protect themselves.

This is why it is always critical to drive defensively and be alert. Being defensive behind the wheel can help you avoid a crash, but reckless drivers still pose a risk. If you wish to seek compensation after an accident caused by drowsy driving, you should seek the help of legal professionals who understand Ohio law.