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Understanding child medical coverage following divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Firm News |

Divorced parents have certain financial obligations to their joint children in Ohio. Many orders have the non-custodial parent supply the child with medical insurance. Not all children receive the medical insurance coverage they should. 

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services discusses supporting a child medically. This can include either medical coverage or cash payments. The parent’s employer may receive a National Medical Support Notice. The federal form details how the employer can follow the law. This does not apply to employers who do not offer medical insurance. 

Some children who could be receiving medical insurance are not. The employer is invaluable in helping these eligible children receive necessary health coverage. Employers should follow the medical child support order when they offer these benefits. 

The Montgomery County courts further expand on medical coverage for children. The child support order includes both health insurance and medical expenses. These expenses are for each child. Both the state and the federal government recognize these needs. Parents can report new insurance available to the Child Support Enforcement Agency. 

The child support order includes an amount for health insurance. The parent can provide for it through their employer or privately. Failure to enforce the medical support order can result in contempt of court. This applies to parents, insurers and the employer offering the health insurance benefits. 

A cash medical payment often starts the month following a loss of insurance coverage. The loss of coverage can be either private or employer-sponsored health insurance. Caring for a child includes their medical needs. Insurance helps cover those costs and allows them to see a doctor.