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Phillips & Mille Co., L.P.A. | Attorneys And Counselors At Law

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Helping Clients Through the Legal Concerns Affecting their Lives

Providing Solid Footing For Businesses Of All Sizes

At Phillips & Mille Co., L.P.A., our lawyers assist business clients from start to finish. Our firm works with individuals to initially assist them in setting up their business, whether it is a corporation or a limited liability company, and prepare the necessary documents to legally establish the business. We also provide guidance and prepare other documents necessary for operating the business, including but not limited to corporate minutes, leases, close corporation agreements, asset purchase agreements and the dissolution of a company.

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Ensuring Compliance And Shielding Assets

Many of our clients establish their own businesses because they have lost a job. They come to us to set up their company properly, to ensure that they comply with the procedures necessary to maintain their limited liability status and protect their personal assets from any claims made against the company. We are ready, willing and able to assist you with your business needs and to help you experience your dream of creating your own business.

Typical services we provide to our business clients include:

  • Setting up a corporation or limited liability company
  • Preparing asset purchase agreements
  • Preparing lease agreements
  • Preparing close corporation agreements
  • Assisting with the operation of the company to promote growth and stability

Is A Limited Liability Company Right For My Business?

All business is critical to our economy. The entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to create a service or product to meet the needs of a community is one of the many characteristics that help our economy grow. There are many opportunities to create a business that protects your rights without taking all your time away from the very product or service you seek to market.

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity authorized under the Ohio Revised Code, which provides limited liability protection to the owners or “members” of the LLC from the debts and obligations of the LLC. This limited liability protection is similar to that offered by a corporation. However, an LLC provides for more flexibility and less formality than a traditional corporation. An LLC can prevent income from being taxed to the LLC directly. In other words, by working with your accountant, we can use an LLC to help you save on taxes.

The benefits of an LLC include:

  • An LLC can be formed with as few as one member or as many members as you determine is necessary to meet your business needs while still providing limited liability protection to the member(s).
  • An LLC allows a sole proprietor to protect his or her personal assets from prospective creditors of the business.
  • LLCs help existing corporations avoid the costs associated with the numerous corporate formalities.

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We invite you to obtain additional information about business formation by arranging a consultation. To schedule an appointment regarding your business, please contact us at 440-243-2800 or reach us online. There are no legal fees for discussing a business formation until the scope of the needed legal services has been discussed and established.