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Call Our Firm Today At: 440-243-2800

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Representing Your Best Interests In Property-Related Matters

Real estate law covers a number of legal issues for buyers and sellers of commercial and residential property, tenants, landlords and more. Real estate transactions involve significant sums and can be very complicated, with the potential of something going wrong at every step of the process. Ensure your real estate transactions goes smoothly with help from Phillips & Mille Co., L.P.A.

Looking Out For You

Our Attorneys customize our Real Estate Purchase Agreements to ensure that the agreement contains the terms and provisions necessary to protect your interest in the transaction, whether you are the buyer or seller. Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreements often need to address complicated matters such as easements, appraisals, inspections and lease assignments. It is important to understand these matters and the impact they may have on the transaction. Once you sign a purchase agreement, you are bound by its conditions. Be sure you have an attorney with you to guide you through the process and review any contracts before you sign.

Our attorneys will prepare the purchase agreement, review all documents associated with the transaction and work with the title company to ensure that your best interests are protected and the transaction promptly closes.

Take Steps To Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment by having an attorney represent you throughout this often-convoluted and highly complicated process. Get the counsel you need by contacting us to arrange a consultation. Call 440-243-2800 or email the firm to schedule your appointment at one of our conveniently located offices, representing individuals and business throughout the Cleveland area in real estate-related matters.