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Helping Clients Through the Legal Concerns Affecting their Lives

Litigation Assistance For Civil Matters

The need for civil litigation arises when two or more parties cannot resolve disputes over money, property, services or legal obligations amongst themselves. The party bringing forth the complaint is often seeking monetary damages for losses incurred, and the defending party may wish to avoid paying compensation.

What initially seemed like a simple conflict can present perplexing issues and require legal help. At Phillips & Mille Co., L.P.A., our attorneys assist individuals in both pursuing and defending claims in a broad array of civil litigation matters.

Finding Prompt Solutions

Our clients may be defending against foreclosure, a collection matter, breach of contract, or an eviction, or pursuing claims against others for consumer protection law violations, landlord-tenant issues, employment issues and the like. The common thread is that these individuals are very frustrated with the situation and are seeking competent advice to assist them in obtaining a prompt resolution to their issue.

Individuals come to us because they are not able to solve the issues on their own. They need an advocate to stand up for their rights and seek to resolve their issue in a timely fashion.

Using All Available Tools

If possible and practical, we will pursue negotiation prior to filing suit. However, certain cases cannot be settled outside of litigation, and we are ready to represent you in Court. Once we file suit, we guide our client through the process making recommendations as to whether trial or an alternative dispute resolution such as mediation would be in our client’s best interest to resolve their claim.

Are You Facing A Litigation Issue? Get Help Now

If you find yourself in a situation that requires litigation, our attorneys can help. Reach our firm by email or call 440-243-2800 to arrange an appointment at one of our convenient office locations throughout the Cleveland area.