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3 signs your parenting plan is not working

Even under ideal circumstances, raising children can be challenging. If you are trying to co-parent your kids in a post-divorce family, though, you are apt to face additional hurdles you must overcome. Creating a thoughtful parenting plan is an effective way to ensure you give your young ones what they need to grow into successful adults.

As you may suspect, parenting plans are not always successful. Sometimes, you and your former spouse must work together to improve your agreement. Here are three signs your parenting plan may need some attention.

  1. Your children are not receiving adequate care

The strongest case for modifying a parenting plan involves the welfare of your children. If you believe your kids are not receiving adequate care, updating your parenting plan is essential. Still, determining whether the issue is with your parenting arrangement or simply the hardships that come with child development can be tough. As such, be sure you document any instances of improper care.

  1. Your parenting plan conflicts with your schedule

Balancing work and family life can be demanding. If your working hours change or you have to travel frequently, your existing parenting plan may be incompatible with your job. Alternatively, you may need to relocate to pursue career opportunities. Either way, if your parenting plan conflicts with your schedule, it may be time to draft a new one.

  1. Your ex-spouse ignores the plan

Parenting plans are agreements that both parents must follow. Of course, that does not always happen. If your ex-spouse regularly ignores the agreement, you may need to take legal action to protect your parental rights.

A well-written parenting plan usually solves more problems than it creates. Nevertheless, if your parenting plan is not working, you may need to spend some time coming up with a new one. With a bit of effort and some grit, you can likely ensure your kids have the tools they need to thrive in your post-divorce family.