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3 ways to deal with a home contractor’s negligence

When you hire a home contractor for a project and the work isn’t being performed in a workmanlike manner it can be frustrating and concerning. Shoddy work by a home contractor can result in financial losses, safety hazards, delays in project completion and damage to your property. A contractor who provides shoddy work which wasn’t performed in a workmanlike manner can be held liable for the damages incurred by the homeowner through a claim negligence.  They may also be liable for breaching their contract with the homeowner and/or violating the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, which provides for recovery of up to three times the consumer’s actual damages and attorney’s fees.

If your contractor is not abiding by the terms set out in the contract or failing to perform in a workmanlike manner, it’s important to take proactive steps to address the situation and protect your interests. The following are steps you can take to address the situation and potentially hold the negligent home contractor accountable for their wrongdoing.

Document your concerns

Documenting your concerns is essential when dealing with a negligent home contractor. Start by carefully noting down all instances of substandard work, safety hazards, delays or breaches of contract. Take photographs or videos to visually document the issues, making sure to capture details of the poor craftsmanship or damages. Keep a record of all communication with the contractor including emails, text messages and phone calls, noting dates, times and the nature of discussions. If relevant, obtain written assessments or reports from third-party inspectors or experts to corroborate your concerns.

Communicate your concerns

It is important to make the contractor understand the specific areas of concern and the impact their negligence is having on the project. Clearly articulate the expectations outlined in the contract and how their actions or lack thereof are deviating from those terms. Provide evidence of the substandard work or breaches of contract such as photographs, written correspondence or inspection reports.

Consider suing for damages

Consider suing for damages if the contractor fails to address the issues despite clear communication and opportunities for resolution. A lawsuit may seek compensation for financial losses incurred due to the contractor’s negligence, including costs for repairing substandard work, property damage, project delays and any additional expenses incurred as a result.

Get legal guidance

If you decide to take legal action against the contractor, enlist the services of a reputable attorney who focuses their practice on construction law.  Our experienced attorneys can assist you in taking the  steps necessary to make your claim and to recover all of the damages you are entitled to from the negligent contractor.