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Why short trips close to home more likely to end in crashes

Short trips are an integral part of daily routine; be it a quick grocery run or a brief commute to the office, these short journeys are so commonplace that motorists often overlook their potential risks.

Short trips often give drivers a false sense of security. The brevity of the journey may lead individuals to underestimate the need for strict adherence to traffic rules. This overconfidence can result in a lack of focus, a factor that contributes to a higher likelihood of accidents.

The anatomy of short-distance driving

Short trips involve frequent stops and starts, making them inherently riskier. These abrupt changes in speed increase the probability of collisions, especially in busy residential environments where cyclists, playing kids and pedestrians abound. Drivers need to adapt to the changing dynamics quickly, and any lapse in attention can have severe consequences.

It doesn’t help that the tendency to neglect vehicle maintenance is more pronounced for motorists who mostly use their vehicles for short trips. Drivers may feel that their vehicles require less attention since they are not covering long distances. However, the cumulative effect of numerous short trips can accelerate wear and tear and potentially lead to mechanical failures and accidents.

Rushed schedules and impatience

The nature of short trips often involves a sense of urgency. Whether it’s a hurried commute or  dropping kids off at school activities, the rush can lead to impulsive decisions on the road. Quick maneuvers and abrupt stops become more frequent, elevating the risk of collisions. Moreover, drivers accustomed to their local routes may grow impatient with slower-moving vehicles or traffic delays. This impatience increases the likelihood of risky overtaking and aggressive driving.

The perception that short trips close to home are inherently safe is a dangerous assumption. Familiarity can breed complacency, impatience and distractions, all of which elevate the risk of accidents and injury. Our attorneys can assist you in recovering damages resulting from another driver’s negligence.