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Overcome police strategies

You may already realize this, but the police are not on your side during or after an arrest. They suspect you of a crime. 

The same rule applies to Ohio prosecuting attorneys. They are likely to use all of their training, knowledge and power to make your conviction as easy as possible. They use almost countless strategies to do that. 

Beat strategy with knowledge

The most common strategy that police officers and state’s attorneys use is simple. It is also subtle. They talk as if you are already guilty. 

They typically offer deals that might be good if — and this is a big “if” — their evidence is strong enough to secure a conviction. They might even tell you that the deal would not be available if you call a lawyer. 

That might be true, but probably not for the reasons they would like you to believe. It would probably not be the prosecutors who take the deal away. It would probably be your lawyer who rejects it for the predatory and unjust offer that it is. 

Avoid common traps

In a criminal case, you are on the opposite side of the state. You could usually assume that anyone working for towns, the state of Ohio or the federal government is working against you. 

You probably already know that you should not talk to these people. However, you may not know that they could potentially listen in on other conversations. When they offer to connect you with loved ones over the phone, internet and so on, they are probably not being generous. They are probably waiting for you to say something that weakens your case. If you want to communicate without them listening, the only protected conversation is with your attorney. 

There are too many strategies to list them all. You deserve better than to be a victim of law-enforcement tactics. Please make sure you protect your rights as much as possible.