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6 signs of a distracted driver

In order to maintain the safety of drivers and passengers alike, it is essential that those behind the wheel focus on driving. Unfortunately, many people drive while distracted, and this could put you at risk. What signs might indicate that you are sharing the road with a distracted driver?

1. Inconsistent speed or sudden braking

Distracted drivers may periodically return their focus to driving. This can lead them to suddenly speed up or slow down to match traffic, stay within the speed limit or respond to a hazard.

2. Drifting

Without keeping their focus on the road, distracted drivers may drift over the center line or toward the shoulder.

3. Looking down

Sometimes, drivers place phones or other distractions in their lap. In these cases, you may notice the driver looking down instead of keeping their eye on the road.

4. Large gestures

Sometimes, conversations that occur within the car can be enough to distract a driver and put others in danger. If you notice a driver making large gestures, yelling or making intense facial expressions, it could be a sign that they have their mind on their conversation instead of driving.

5. Eating or drinking

Many people eat or drink behind the wheel as a way to avoid stopping their car, but food and beverages can be a significant source of distraction. Not only do they take a driver’s hands from the steering wheel, a fallen wrapper or spill can also disrupt their focus. If you see a driver eating or drinking, they may be distracted.

6. Illuminated faces at night

Distracted drivers can be even more dangerous at night than they are during daylight hours, and the light of a phone can be a telltale sign of distractions in nearby cars.

Sharing the road with a distracted driver can be dangerous. Even if you take precautions around these drivers, their distraction could still lead to an accident. In these cases, it is important that you speak with one of our experienced attorneys to protect your rights and hold distracted drivers responsible..