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What if the driver who hits you doesn’t have car insurance?

Driving in Ohio is a dangerous activity. No matter how careful you try to be and how strictly you follow the law, you never know who you might encounter out on the roads. There are many irresponsible drivers in Ohio who text at the wheel or drive after drinking. All it takes is encountering the wrong person at the wrong time to experience a life-altering motor vehicle collision.

As if the risk of getting into a crash wasn’t bad enough, there is always the possibility that the person who hits you won’t have insurance on their vehicle. What happens after a crash with an uninsured driver?

Your policy can help

Ohio drivers can add certain forms of supplemental coverage to their policies that will protect them in many different crash scenarios. Collision and comprehensive coverage are valuable in a range of circumstances.

Uninsured motorist protection on your own policy will go into effect after a crash caused by a driver who doesn’t have their own insurance. With this coverage, you can rely on your coverage to repair your vehicle, replace your wages and reimburse you for your medical expenses.

You can go to court

Ohio has civil statutes that authorize litigation when one person’s bad behavior or negligence harms others. If someone broke traffic laws and caused a crash or was obviously negligent at the wheel, you may be able to take them to court and seek full compensation for the cost that insurance would have covered.

Occasionally, there may be circumstances that allow for a claim against your insurance, or another third-party such as a manufacturer or employer. The higher your overall crash costs are, the more important it becomes to explore all of the options for compensation following the collision.

Learning more about insurance and personal injury laws in Ohio will help you better manage the practical consequences of a recent car crash. You can learn more about car crashes and personal injury claims here on our website. You can also reach out to our office for help evaluating your case. Contacting our firm could be the first step on your path to compensation after a crash caused by an uninsured driver.