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Why more drivers should install dash cameras

A dash camera is a small device often attached to the dashboard or windshield of vehicles. Many modern cars have dash cams preinstalled. Dash cameras record a continuous video once turned on. 

There are several types of dash cams. Most people install single cams in the front of their cars to record the road and any vehicles ahead. Some cameras can take video of the back to provide rearview video. A high-end 360-degree camera can provide video of the inside of a car, the front, side and back view of the car.

Dash cams aren’t, typically, used for taking video of scenic roads. Most people use dashcams for insurance claims and legal battles. Here’s how that might work:

Providing first-hand evidence of an accident 

People suffer from car accidents all the time. Distracted, drunk and aggressive drivers are often the causes of auto accidents. These kinds of accidents often lead to long-term injuries and fatalities. But many victims don’t get the compensation they deserve because it wasn’t clear how an accident happened. 

A dash cam can give an unbiased view of an accident. When someone makes an insurance claim or files a complaint with the Court, video evidence of an accident can prove whether a driver was a victim or the person who caused the accident.

Many people only use front-facing dash cams, but these may not be enough. As mentioned above, some dash cams can take rear-view video. This means the camera can record an accident caused by someone speeding or tailgating.

A 360-degree camera could also help if a driver sped through an intersection during a red light. This could be especially helpful if it’s unclear who caused an accident. Video evidence could counter a claim that the victim was actually the perpetrator of an accident. 

Video evidence may not be enough to prove that an accident wasn’t the fault of the victim. Car accident victims should get legal help to understand their options when seeking compensation for their injuries and losses.