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Many business owners do not know that contracts do not have to be in writing to be valid. Phillips & Mille attorneys represent clients in contract disputes involving written, verbal and contracts implied by the conduct of the parties.

The problem is that a very large percentage of contracts leave some issues unclear and some circumstances not addressed. Since so many contract disputes involve these and other “complex” legal issues, an evaluation of your case by one of our commercial litigation attorneys could help determine your best strategy and course of action.

Whether your problem involves a simple contract dispute, or complex litigation involving multiple layers of relationships, extensively detailed agreements, or conflicting legal issues, contact us today for a no charge evaluation.

Our business litigation attorneys represent every client matter with careful consideration, confidentiality and respect and handle contract disputes related to vendor, supplier, employment, sales, professional contracts and more. One final note: Time is of the essence whether you are being sued, thinking about a lawsuit to resolve your contract dispute, or even if you fear being sued. That is why we offer an initial evaluation at no charge.

Contract Law

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