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Modifying existing child support orders

When parents divorce, the courts often order child support payments. After such orders take effect, a promotion, the loss of a job or other factors may significantly change people’s financial situations. 

Understanding when and how they may pursue an adjustment to their standing child support orders may help parents ensure they are doing the best by their children. 

Who can ask for a support review? 

According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, requests for child support modifications may come from either parent. In cases when legal guardians have care and control of the child, those serving in such roles may also initiate requests for child support reviews. 

When can child support orders undergo review? 

Every 36 months, parents may ask for a review of their child support orders by the Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agency. Under certain circumstances, the CSEA may approve review requests before the required time frame. 

According to the DJFS, the granting of requests for administrative reviews of support orders may occur should the following circumstances: 

  • Either parent getting fired or laid off 
  • Either parent becomes permanently disabled and has experienced a reduction in earning ability 
  • Either parent gets institutionalized through the child’s minority 
  • Either parent gets incarcerated for 180 or more days 
  • Either parent experiences a 30% increase or decrease in income for six months or more 

CSEA may also grant early reviews of orders established at the minimum obligation or a reduced amount due to lack of employment or underemployment upon the establishment of the order, with the individual being unable to obtain gainful employment. 

What happens after the review? 

The action taken after the review depends on the CSEA’s findings. Based on these reviews, orders may increase, decrease or remain the same.