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Sleep disorders can affect family law issues

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Firm News |

If you are simultaneously dealing with a sleep disorder and family law matters, you likely feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Even if you do not have any problems related to sleep, it is important to understand the potential ways in which family law issues can lead to a sleep disorder. In fact, many people develop sleep problems as a direct result of family law.

Unfortunately, if you are struggling to get enough sleep and you are always tired, this can adversely affect you in terms of family law.

How can a sleep disorder impact your custody case?

If you are very tired, you likely do not have as much energy or mental focus, which is very concerning when a difficult custody dispute surfaces. According to the Ohio Administrative Code, courts go over many factors when making custody decisions. You need to have the time and energy to confront tough custody issues and secure an outcome in your child’s best interests. Sadly, some parents do not review certain facets of their custody case solely because of excessive fatigue and they do not obtain the most ideal outcome.

How can sleep problems affect other aspects of family law?

Aside from custody battles, those who struggle to get the right amount of sleep often face difficulties in the workplace. Sometimes, this results in poorer job performance, leading to a demotion, less hours or even the loss of one’s job. For those who owe alimony or child support, this is often devastating. The inability to stay current on financial obligations can lead to harsh penalties and additional stress that keeps one up at night. Make sure you address sleep problems and family law topics carefully.