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Seeking zoning changes for undeveloped property

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Firm News |

Buying an undeveloped property can be a lucrative investment. However, you will most likely have to address the property’s zoning before you can move forward with your intended purpose. The wrong zoning means you must either apply to have it changed or change your project.

What may affect your success at seeking zoning changes?

Zoning rules

The zoning regulations that apply to your property depend on the borders it falls within and the rules of the governing body of your area. Research the rules and regulations for all the types of zoning to learn what you have, what you want and what the established process is for obtaining it. At the least, you probably will have to submit a proposal to the zoning board with a detailed description of your plan and how it will benefit the community.

Resistance to changes

One of the things that may hamper your success includes other property owners in the vicinity. If your plans would increase traffic, noise or pollution, many in the area may protest. For example, if you want to build an industrial park and there is a neighborhood on the abutting property, you may meet resistance from the community as well as challenges in convincing the zoning board.

Restrictive covenants and local politics may also get in the way of your success. Consider that the rezoning process could take months, and plan for delays so that you can afford to take the long view with your investment.