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Who is liable for a car crash?

Being involved in a car accident causes damages, including physical and psychological injuries and car and property damages. If you get injured in a crash, you will deal with medical costs, lost wages, disabilities and pain and suffering. In some instances, the death of a loved one may be the result of a collision.  

If you’ve been injured in a wreck or a loved one was killed, who can you hold responsible for your damages? Here are some possibilities:

The driver

If the other driver committed a negligent action that led to the wreck, they can be held liable. Negligence includes things like violating traffic laws, drunk driving, distracted or drowsy driving and speeding. Everything from the police report to witness statements and accident reconstruction experts can show how the other driver is at fault.

The car’s owner

A car owner may also be found responsible for a crash in some occurrences. For example, if they knowingly allowed someone unlicensed, drunk or clearly too exhausted to drive their vehicle, they can be held responsible for the damages caused by the driver. 

The driver’s employer

If you were hit by someone driving a company vehicle while they were on duty, their employer may be liable for the wreck through something known as vicarious liability.

Different factors are always considered to determine liability in car accident claims, and there are all kinds of unique situations. If you’ve been involved in a car crash, get legal help to avoid costly mistakes. Contact us today for guidance from an experienced lawyer.