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Two critical considerations before filing your accident claim

A top concern for those seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident is getting their due compensation quickly. A relatively speedy payout can help the victim overcome immediate crash-related hardships like lost wages or travel expenses.

Although it is understandable to want your payment early, settling too quickly could compromise your total compensation. Like many states, Ohio gives victims two years to file a claim. Here are a couple of things to consider before you make a formal claim.

Have you identified all your injuries?

Maybe you fractured a wrist or broke your ankle during the crash. When doctors treat these injuries, it is easy to overlook other physical harm that might not have shown any immediate symptoms.

For example, even severe traumatic brain injuries sometimes do not manifest symptoms for days or weeks following the accident. Waiting a few weeks may give your physicians time to identify other, possibly more severe injuries. 

Have you fully recovered from your injuries?

It also may be that you will need future treatments for your injuries.  This will result in additional medical expenses you will not be able to recover from the negligent driver if you have already settled  your claim.

It is crucial that you know the fully extent of your injuries and the treatment you will need for these injuries prior to reaching a settlement of your claim.  Our experienced attorneys at Phillips & Mille can assist you in maximizing your recovery for your injuries.