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The Ohio State Code suggests that a person can face serious consequences for an OVI, regardless of whether it is a first time offense. The penalties depend on the person’s BAC when arrested. For instance, anything that is below .17% is a low level OVI. For someone who recently left the restaurant, it is easy to have a BAC of above .08%, which is the legal limit. Upon arrest, that person risks sentences of:

  • A fine over $370 and under just over $1,000
  • Five years of probation
  • Three days of jail time
  • Mandatory driver’s intervention class
  • Suspended license for one to three years

OVI is always a serious charge. When most people think about OVI or DUI charges, they think about arrests happening late at night. After all, most assume that the majority of OVIs occur after the bars close for the night. This is true but it is not the only time.

In fact, Consumer Affairs reports on data from a NHTSA study that states there is a spike in alcohol related accidents around 7 pm. This is about the same time that most restaurants and bars finish happy hour.

After work, it is normal to want to unwind with friends and socialize for a couple of hours. Often, this might involve happy hour drinking at a local bar or restaurant. The problem is that too many people do not keep track of the amount of affordable drinks that they consume and hit the road directly after. This one decision can change a person’s life and lead to OVI charges.