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How can you support your car accident claim?

After a crash, people often have many tasks ahead of them as they try to recover. Taking the right steps can help you support your car accident claim and protect your access to compensation.

Do not admit fault.

Even if it is tempting to apologize to another driver after a collision, take care not to admit fault for the accident. If you admit fault, the insurance company may claim you are liable for the damage even if evidence shows that you did not cause the crash.

Contact the authorities after an accident.

Not only is a police report often a key to getting compensation from the insurance company; a police report may also lay the groundwork for future legal action. Contacting the authorities even if the accident does not seem serious ensures that there is documentation of the crash and shows that you took the crash seriously. Also, for most car accidents, it is illegal to leave the scene before contacting authorities.

Take pictures of the damage.

If possible, take pictures of the damage and the scene where the crash happened. Taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle, nearby street signs that establish your location, the license plates of other vehicles involved, and other details can help document the site of the accident. Photographing your injuries can also highlight the damage you experienced.

Get medical care.

Even if your injury seems minor at first, take the time to meet with a medical provider. A medical professional can document your injuries in your medical records, help identify injuries sustained from the accident which had delayed symptoms, and order further testing to fully assess and treat your injuries.

Keep receipts and other documentation.

As you recover after an accident, be sure to document the effects the crash has had on your life. Keep records of any out-of-pocket expenses. Write in a journal to document how your injuries or the stress you experience has affected your daily life. This documentation can help create a more complete picture of how your injuries.

Talk to a lawyer.

The personal injury attorneys at Phillips & Mille can help you to understand your rights and their process for assisting you in pursuing the recovery of your damages.  Our attorneys will assist you in taking steps to maximize your recovery and will prepare your claim to recover your damages from the person responsible for your injuries.